Top toys of the 2016 holiday season (and how you can get a Hatchimal!)

For the middle and high school boys, it’s all about drones and video games

(Courtesy: WTNH)

(WSPA) – From Hatchimals to the Nintendo Entertainment System remake, the hottest toys of 2016 are practically nowhere to be found in stores. However, we’ve done a little homework and found out how you can get them this weekend.

If that’s not on your list, we also looked into the most popular toys this season so the little ones in your life will love what’s under the tree. Okay, so let’s not bury the lead too far.  Here’s the skinny:

“The great thing is, I can announce, we are going to have some Sunday morning. It’s nationwide for all the Toys R Us’s, so we will have some on those,” said Spartanburg Toys R Us Manager Mikey Keith.

Keith said stores open Sunday at 8:00 a.m. and the quantity is unknown, so you’d be smart to line up ahead of time if it’s a must have in your family; but if that’s not your bag, we talked with parents and toy experts about what else is hot this season.

HopeAnn Frayne has a 16-year-old boy and 5-year-old girl. “My son’s big items this year are beats or the real expensive PS3 stuff, whereas my daughter is into things that are this big,” said Frayne. Like Shopkins, which are big with the elementary school girls right now.

For preschoolers, the Fisher Price Think and Learn Codapiller is a big seller, as well as other learning tools from Vtech and Leapfrog. Plus anything PJ Mask, Paw Patrol and Disney.

For the middle and high school boys, it’s all about drones and video games. Perhaps the hottest toy for them is this Star Wars Sphero that you can control through an app on your smartphone. We found only one box left today after checking in the back.

Speaking of phones, the selfie mic is huge right now, enough said. As always pull out your cell and check prices elsewhere because stores like Toys R Us price match, which means one stop shopping for you. “Any retailers that beats us in price, we’ll beat them right back,” said Keith.

Finally, the board game Speakout is almost impossible to find, but this week, there are other board games on steep discount and Frayne’s advice, “Just go early and find it, cause its hard to find the stuff when they’re on sale, and things are selling out really fast.”

Whatever you do, if you are vying for the really hot, can’t find ’em toys, don’t fall victim to the schemes online. Anytime you buy from an unknown seller, you are taking a risk.