Getting your snow blower ready for the winter season

Winter is now just two weeks away

GRANBY, Mass. (WWLP) – Winter isn’t too far away which has some people getting their snow blowers ready or getting a new one to replace equipment that no longer does the job. 22News is working for you with a report on the different kinds of snow blowers you can get and how to get them ready for the winter season.

If your thinking of a gift for the holidays or just need a new one, getting a snow-blower is the way to go. Winter is now just two weeks away, and has people getting prepared earlier rather than later.

If you are unsure of what kind of snow-blower to get for your property, there are two kinds to choose from. Single Stage snow blowers and dual snow blowers. Single stage can be used for a smaller driveway or patio. Where a dual stage is used for large driveways or sidewalks. Depending on your area, its your choice. Most are electric start, but some of the single stage snow blowers do have a manual start.

If your using your old one from last year, make sure its up to speed! 22News went to AllPower in Granby to figure out what your main checklist should be. Doug Guertin, a Sales Manager at AllPower, told 22News, “Most importantly clean oil, clean fuel, you want to drain out the old gas from last year put new fuel in, make sure you change your oil, check your shear pins, make sure the tire pressure is good and wait for it to snow.”

Parts of the Berkshires already saw close to ten inches in November, where the Pioneer Valley has yet to see nearly that much. But that doesn’t mean we won’t see it soon. Average snowfall for western Massachusetts in December is about 11 inches
The winter season officially starts December 21st.