New tool allows mothers to stay upright during delivery

Birthing sling could cut C-Sections

(KARE) – A new tool is available for expectant mothers at a Minneapolis hospital that has the potential to reduce the likelihood of a cesarean section.

The Birthplace at University of Minnesota Masonic Children’s Hospital in Minneapolis is the first and only labor and delivery unit in the state to offer birthing slings during labor.

A birthing sling is a ribbon of cloth that hangs from the ceiling of a delivery room. There are several ways expectant mothers can use the sling during labor. One example is sitting on an exercise ball while wrapping the sling under your arms. The sling is capable of holding more than 500 lbs. In October, The Birthplace installed six slings but there is the capability to hang one in every room.

“It’s really another option or tool for women to use to help them in labor. It gives them support and offers them a way to be upright and mobile during their labor,” says Carrie Neerland, a certified nurse midwife at The Birthplace.

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