Massachusetts veteran attacked during home invasion

He was left tied up for 5 hours before he was able to set himself free

BROCKTON, Mass. (CNN) – An elderly veteran is on the road to recovery after being tied up, beaten and robbed during a home invasion in Massachusetts.  CNN spoke with the victim over the phone from his hospital bed.

“I’m 72, I can’t be getting bounced around the damn floor!”

Michael Acciavatti, a Vietnam War vet, is the victim of a brutal home invasion. “There’s another door going into my house, on the other end, that’s where they were hiding, right in there. They were waiting for me to open up that door. And then they tackled me, got me. They broke my hip right in there.”

It happened on Wednesday evening around five o’clock at the victim’s Massachusetts Avenue home.

Ryan Atherton, a neighbor said “I came home last night and the whole area was basically locked down. Brockton police and state police up in here.”

Three men, wearing ski masks stormed into his house.

Acciavatti said “they were saying, ‘where is the gold? Where is the gold?’ i don’t have any gold. ‘Well, we’re going to shoot you, if you don’t tell us where the gold is.'”

At one point, the men tased him, after he felt a shock.

“They put the knee in my ribs and stuff. They were killing my ribs. They ended up on top of my head. They just went nuts” said Acciavatti.

Acciavatti was tied up with his own suspenders.

Acciavatti went on, “They slapped me with something, two or three times. They slapped me on my a** with something. They took my pants down. Did that. They weren’t very nice.”

He was left tied up for 5 hours before he was able to set himself free.

Acciavatti told CNN “I just pulled on the suspenders, as hard as I could. Finally got it unlocked. It wasn’t easy. I had a knife there too. I found a knife and I cut it off.”

The suspects took off with his coin collection. Neighbors were left stunned.

John Baker, another neighbor said “he drives an old pickup truck. It’s not like he has a Lexus out front. He dresses normal. He’s not wearing fancy duds.”

Atherton said “I pray for a speedy recovery.”

Police were unable to locate any suspects as of Thursday afternoon. Acciavatti says he’s in so much pain that he can’t even walk.

He was scheduled to have hip surgery Friday morning.