Man Facebook lives reckless driving before crash

Traffic was backed up for more than two hours after the crash

RHODE ISLAND (CNN) – A man who live-streamed himself on Facebook, going over more than one-hundred miles an hour through traffic, is now in the hospital with critical injuries after crashing his car.

Rhode Island police say twenty-year-old Onasi Olio Rojas’ car flew into the center median and slammed into a garbage truck. Rhode Island state police say this video is perfect example of what not to do while driving. The video streamed live by Onasi Olio-Rojas on his Facebook page while he goes on a high-speed joy-ride on routes and 10 and 6 in providence.

Capt. John Allen of the Rhode Island State Police said “He’s well over 100 miles an hour, in a congested area. Several lane changes, in and out of traffic. In the break-down lane. Back to lanes of travel.

Rojas does this all while filming the speedometer on his dashboard.

Capt. Allen said “it’s a grand slam of things not to do. Phone in your hand. No seat belt. Traveling at a high rate of speed. In and out of traffic.”

State police verified the video’s authenticity by comparing it to Rhode Island department of transportation traffic cameras. They’re positive that’s the driver you’re seeing, video-taping his wreckless driving moments before the accident. The video cuts out, just before Rojas hits a garbage truck and loses control.

The accident reconstruction team says his Honda was going about 90 miles an hour when it hits the truck, which was barely damaged.

Rojas’ car was destroyed, and it took firefighters awhile to get him out.

Capt. Allen said “but I’ve never seen anything like that. And for other people to watch it. I would hope it’s eye-opening for anyone else… ”

State police tell nbc-10 news, Rojas has a lengthy traffic record. State police reached out to Facebook directly, putting a legal request for the social media network to save that live stream. The video will be used as evidence against Rojas in court.

Capt. Allen said “how do you beat the video? I don’t think you can, it pretty much puts the nail on the coffin for Mr. Rojas.”

Traffic was backed up for more than two hours after the crash. Police say Rojas faces a string of charges.