Video: Police save man from a burning car

Officers rushed out extinguishers in hand

(CNN) – A car engulfed in flames with the driver trapped inside.The scene caught on police dashcam. CNN shows how a team of police officers pulled off one daring rescue.

It was here on New Canaan road last Wednesday that an officer on patrol saw this.

Sergeant Gregg Phillipson said “the range rover was off to the side of the roadway into the woods. It hit a couple of trees, the driver was pinned in the front seat.”

The car had also caught on fire. Officers rushed out extinguishers in hand. Instincts kicked in, knowing they only had moments to act.

Sergeant Phillipson said “the driver’s door was closed and crumpled in from hitting the tree, and the same with the front passenger, was also crumpled in from hitting a tree on that side.”

There was only one way to get the driver out.

“We were able to open the tail gate and we grabbed his from his arm, shoulder” said Sergeant Phillipson.

And, they did it in the nick of time.

Sergeant Arnault Baker said “in fact when we were pulling him out, and I was inside grabbing his belt line, I could look at his feet and I could see a red glow from underneath the fire wall. It was organized chaos where we all realized what was going on.”

Team work they say helped them save the victim’s life with a bit of luck along the way.

“Luckily we had extra people working, luckily he came out of the car relatively easy.”