Plans to build mosque in East Longmeadow far from finished

This is the second time the plans have been submitted

EAST LONGMEADOW, Mass. (WWLP) – After plans to build apartments at 52-58 Maple Street were rejected twice, a developer in East Longmeadow proposed building a mosque on the vacant lot.

Though the company has submitted plans for the project, the East Longmeadow Town Council said these plans don’t provide enough information to gain approval.

The lot has sat mostly empty for some time, and residents said they’d like to see the space put to use. “It’s like a waste to have so much open land over there, and not doing anything with it is completely useless, so I’m glad they are,” said Lyric Lamagdelaine.

Plans in the works to build mosque in East Longmeadow

The plans to build apartments were shot down due to zoning issues. Now plans for the mosque have been submitted twice, but Town Council President Kevin Manley said it could be a while before the plans move forward; “Submitted again some architectural drawings and some more detail, but not nearly the detail we need to make a decision on the project.”

Though places of worship are tax exempt, Manley said the developer plans to lease the mosque’s land, which means the town could be able to collect tax revenue.

Manley said the developer does intend to submit another set of plans, but it could be another year before ground is broken, if at all.