Get the best Christmas tree for your money

When it comes to pre-cut trees make sure to shake the tree.

ELIZABETHTOWN, Pa. (ABC27) – This weekend is expected to be a very busy time for folks looking for Christmas trees.

Susan Miller, who is the co-owner of Miller’s Tree Farm in Elizabethtown, said if you are looking to cut your own tree you need to pay attention to color.

Miller told ABC27 News that healthy trees should be about 95 percent green.

Officials with the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture suggested also paying attention to size. They said a tree that has its bark trimmed to fit a stand will die quicker.

When it comes to pre-cut trees make sure to shake the tree.

Drew Hummer, who owns a landscaping business and has a roadside tree stand, told ABC27 News unhealthy trees tend to drop more needles than others.

“When you pull on the needles, you would like them to stay on instead of falling off right away,” he said.

Two of the most popular Christmas trees are Frasier Firs and Douglas Firs.

Hummer said he recommends Fraser Firs because he said they have stiffer branches, which he said are better for hanging ornaments.

“The branch has a little more girth to it than a Douglas Fir,” Hummer said.

The PA Department of Agriculture also suggested folks check trees for praying mantis egg cases, which look like roasted marshmallows. Agriculture officials said it’s common to find the cases on trees, but they said it’s suggested to remove them before bringing the tree inside your home.