Springfield engineer wants to make prosthetics for pets with 3D printer

Dan Beaven built large printer at his Springfield home

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Dan Beaven of Springfield is an electrical engineer by trade, but he also has a passion for helping animals. He is hoping to use his knowledge and skills in a meaningful way to help pets who have lost limbs.

Beaven has built a large 3D printer at his home, which he intends to use to make prosthetic limbs for animals. Beaven told 22News, “You can print almost anything that’s form fitted to its need. So with animals, they’ll have part of a leg missing.”

Beaven told 22News that he is only in the formative stages of this project, but it is something that he is committed to doing. When Beaven’s 3D prosthetic project is up to speed, he’ll offer the possibilities to the Dakin Humane Society and the Thomas O’Connor animal shelters in Springfield.

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