Holiday decorating hazards to watch out for

Not watering a Christmas tree can poses a danger.

(CNN) – It’s time to deck the halls but the decorations can become dangerous. Here is a look at holiday hazards and gives tips from the consumer product safety commission. The commission warns two holiday staples, candles and trees, can cause fire risks.

Look at this menorah. Candles put too close to drapes or other fabric can cause fire in seconds.

Elliot f. Kaye, C.P.S.C. Chairman said “We never want to see unattended candles or candles that are too close to a tree or to any decorations or of course a tree too close to any type of radiator or heat source.”

Not watering a Christmas tree, also poses a danger, especially if it is decorated with lights.

Kaye said “You want to make sure that there are no exposed wires. Any of the sockets that are not in properly. Anything that looks funny about the lights, just throw them out and get a new one. Get a new set.”

Watch what happens with a simple spark on a dry tree. It can not only cause the tree to burn, but within 30 seconds the fire could spread throughout your house.

Also, parents be mindful of young kids. Place small ornaments out of their reach, so children don’t put them in their mouths and keep an eye on fragile or glass decorations. Breaks can cause cuts and scratches.