Gaining and losing weight during the holidays

(CNN) – The average adult puts on two pounds a year, plus a few more during the holiday season. That doesn’t sound so bad alone, but when you consider that most people never lose that holiday weight, it adds up.

Roman Vela, Sales Manager and Personal Trainer at Gold’s Gym, has some tips on how not to be part of that statistic.

Tip one: if you’ve already put on some holiday weight, you can work it off, “Functional exercises are going to be exercises that require multi-movements that are going to hit multiple body parts,” Vela says.

Tip two: “Some of the best ways to keep the weight off is by drinking a lot of water before you go out to events,” Vela adds.

Vela says that water will keep you from eating extra food and sweets. Tip three: since people like to go to parties and spend time with family and friends during the holidays, eat before you go out so you’re not tempted to eat as much.

Tip four: find your partner-in-crime, “Find a friend, co-worker that is willing to come with you to work out, whether it’s walking on the canyon, joining a gym, you can find a lot of places that are having specials at this time of the year,” Vela says.

When you’re sitting at the table, smelling that good food, remember tip five.

“Go with some of the healthier portions, such as some of the vegetables, the meat and find a plate that is actually smaller sized. If people get a bigger plate, they’re going to fill that plate up, so if you get a smaller plate, then you’ll be more satisfied with that,” Vela says.

If you’re ready to hit the gym, Gold’s Gym is holding a special where you can join the gym for a $10 enrollment fee until Wednesday.