Mother overdosed in Mass. store charged with reckless endangerment of her child

The District Attorney sought to hold McGowan on $10,000 cash bail

(CNN) – A woman is facing charges months after she was found passed out in a store in Massachusetts. The incident happened in September and there is video of the woman’s young daughter attempting to wake her up.

36-year-old Mandy McGowan covered her face, with nothing to say, as she walked out the front door of Lawrence District Court.

On September 18th, McGowan was found passed out on the floor of a Family Dollar Store in Lawrence. Authorities say she was overdosing. Mcgowan’s 2-year-old child, was seen crying and trying to revive her mother.

It would take two shots of Narcan to bring McGowan back. She’s now charged with reckless endangerment of her child. The District Attorney sought to hold McGowan on $10,000 cash bail.

Prosecutor Lindsay Shaheen said, “For several minutes that two year old child was trying to get her mother’s attention. And crying. Since the defendant deliberately ingested the drugs that did render her unconscious and left her child unattended, unattended in a public place, officer did charge her with reckless endangerment of that child.”

Mcgowan’s lawyer argued against bail of any kind, telling the court, Mandy is already getting help at a residential treatment facility in Wilmington. Defense Attorney Jim Klotz said, “She’s entered a program she’s 67 days into that program, to now hold her on 10,000 cash bail in jail, which she is clearly not going to be able to post that, will set her back. And all of the progress that she’s made pushed aside.”

A friend drove McGowan from the courthouse right back to that treatment facility in Wilmington. Among the conditions: no contact with her daughter who is now with a family member and under the custody of the state of New Hampshire.