Alexander Ciccolo in court again in terror plot case

Court documents claim Ciccolo was plotting an attack on a college campus

Alexander Ciccolo (Image Credit: The Napanee Beaver)

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Terror suspect and former Berkshire County resident Alexander Ciccolo was in a federal courtroom in Springfield Tuesday afternoon for a status conference on his case.

Ciccolo has been at a Rhode Island detention facility since July 2015, after he was accused of plotting a terror attack in support of ISIS. Ciccolo was indicted on terrorism charges, nearly a year later.

The former Adams resident’s charges include attempting to use weapons of mass destruction in the United States and attempted provision of material support and resources to a foreign terror organization. If found guilty, he could face a sentence of life in prison.

At U.S. District court on Tuesday, Ciccolo’s lawyer, David Hoose, said that he has been processing discovery in the case slowly, due to the work he has put into the Cara Rintala murder trial.

“The defendant faces very substantial penalties and my view of it is, however long it takes to get the case ready for trial is however long it takes,” said Attorney Hoose.

Court documents claim Ciccolo was plotting an attack on a college campus with guns and pressure cooker bombs. Just the day before his arrest, Ciccolo was seen buying a pressure cooker from the Walmart in North Adams. He had been under FBI surveillance since September 11, 2014 after his father, a Boston police captain, told the FBI his son expressed interest in going overseas to fight for ISIS.

Ciccolo, also known as Ali Al Amriki, added Ramzi Kaseemy,an attorney and law professor this week to help defend him.

“He has been very active in volunteer and in civil rights work with the muslim community and that’s very important to my client to have someone of that stature on his defense team,” said Hoose.  Kaseemy was not available for Tuesday’s status conference, but is expected to take part in the next hearing.

Another status conference in the case is scheduled for January 31, but Ciccolo stated that he does not want to attend the next hearing.

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