A good time to put snow tires on your car

Having snow tires is a personal preference

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – If you have a job that requires 24/7 attention, like those at a hospital or fire department, then snow tires are the way to go.

There are several different types of tires, including all-season tires, studded snow tires, and studless snow tires. Studded tires, which have little mental studs in them, will help you have better traction. Studless tires can also help drivers control their vehicle on snow and ice, and also won’t freeze up.

There is a certain time to put your snow tires on your car. David Harper, Manager of Town Fair Tire in Chicopee, told 22News, “Snow tires can be put on November 1st and you can take them off at the end of March or early April, depending on the weather. Studded snow tires in certain states can be put on at a certain time, Massachusetts studded snow tires can be put on before November 2nd and taken off before the end of April.”

If you don’t switch to snow tires, all season tires can still be used throughout the winter; it is just your preference. All-season tires are considered multi-purpose and have different thread designs to help increase traction throughout the year.

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