The psychology of shopping

There may be a reason why you buy the things you buy

Do you ever look at an outfit in your closet and wonder, “why did I buy that”, apparently stores have set the mood to get you to shop.

Stores are using psychology and research to encourage shoppers to open their wallets.

For instance, if items are on the middle of a shelf and if a price ends in nine studies show people are more likely to buy.

How sales clerks treat customers may also influence shoppers, but according to a study the nice guy doesn’t always finish first.

In fact rude sales people in luxury stores can cause customers with lower self-esteem to spend more and if you think the music you hear is random, think again.

The right genre can make shoppers happier and lose track of time.

Studies show pop music leads to impulse buys.

Whereas shoppers may not pay attention to lesser known music and instead focus on prices.

Things to consider to help you shop smarter.

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