Small businesses trying to compete with online sales

Americans are expected to make a record $3.3 billion in Cyber Monday purchases

BOSTON (WWLP) – After the Black Friday rush comes Cyber Monday, a way for people to shop those holiday deals with a simple click of a button. That convenience has a major impact on retail stores that rely on foot traffic to make money.

The Retailers’ Association of Massachusetts told 22News that both large and small businesses are turning to the Internet to increase sales. “Even small businesses are getting online, they’re using social media and all of these tools are meant to drive traffic,” said Bill Rennie.

Salem state Representative Paul Tucker is encouraging people to shop “small” this holiday season to boost the local economy. “Over the last couple of years we’ve seen how many hundreds of millions of people making purchases online. There also has to be a balance as well for the brick and mortar stores. They’ve got to be able to pay their bills,” said Rep. Tucker.

Americans are expected to make a record $3.3 billion in online purchases this Cyber Monday, according to Adobe.

Early estimates show that Americans could spend a record-breaking $112 billion online between now and Christmas.