Shotgun deer hunting season has begun in Massachusetts

Season runs through December 10


EASTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – Monday marks the beginning of shotgun deer hunting season in Massachusetts. During this time, people with proper licenses can hunt for white-tailed deer using shotguns over the next two weeks.

A special permit is required for the hunting of antlerless deer, with some communities requiring additional hunting permits. In Wilbraham, for instance, hunters must obtain written permission from a landowner to hunt on his or her land. That permit must be documented through the town clerk’s office.

Throughout the state, hunters may only be active between a half an hour before sunrise and a half an hour after sunset. They must wear orange on their chest, back, and head.

The first week of shotgun season is called the “Biological Week,” where you have to physically take the deer to a check station. There they weigh the deer, measure the antlers, and even check its teeth so they are able to tell how old the deer is. This all tells the health of the herd, if there is enough food out there for them.

22News went to the Easthampton Rod & Gun Club to find out the point of checking a deer.

“Take all the information, put it together with all the other checking stations across the state, and they get a count on how many deer are taken and left in a state,” John Martelli of the Easthampton Rod and Gun Club said.

It is the law that all deer that are hunted to be brought to an official check station. At about 11:00 Tuesday morning, a doe and five bucks had already been checked at the club.

For more information on shotgun deer hunting season, licenses, and permits, visit the website of the Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife.

Shotgun season ends on December 10.