Protect your packages! Ways to prevent thefts of holiday gifts

Shipping to a different address could keep your delivery in safe hands

Holiday Shipping: Last Minute Tips

LUDLOW, Mass. (WWLP) – The frenzy of online shopping was going on around the world on Cyber Monday, and soon packages filled with gifts will be arriving on the doorsteps of millions of people. With all those packages being delivered, there is the risk that some of your purchases may be stolen.

The Ludlow Police Department is offering the following advice to people who want to make sure that their packages are secure:

  • Have your package shipped to an address where you know someone will be there to pick it up. This could be your workplace, or the home of a family member or friend who will be around.
  • Another option is to require a signature in order for the delivery to be completed. That way, the package will not be left behind on your doorstep.
  • You could also have the package shipped to a FedEx, UPS, or Postal Service location, where you can pick up the item yourself.

Springfield Police Sgt. John Delaney told 22News you should always request a tracking number, make sure someone is home at the time of your delivery, and tell your neighbors your expecting a package, so they can be on the look out for it.

“If you’re in a office, somewhere, or at work, have your package delivered to you at work. That way you know you’re going to be there to accept it. It’s not put on the doorstep or in front of the house, where criminals are likely to get it,” said Delaney.

If you do have a package stolen, first call your local police department, and then once they have a report, you can file a theft claim through your delivery service.