Running lovers get engaged in the middle of a road race

Photo Courtesy: Josiah Mackenzie CC BY 2.0 MGNonline

MANCHESTER, Conn. (AP) – When it comes to marriage, these two Connecticut runners are hot to trot.

High school and college sweethearts Scott Bernier and Torie Taylor got engaged in the middle of a Thanksgiving road race before a large crowd of friends, family, fellow competitors and total strangers.

The Hartford Courant reports it happened at Thursday morning’s Manchester Road Race. In the middle of the race, 25-year-old Bernier abruptly dropped to a knee and proposed to 23-year-old Taylor.

She said yes – and onlookers burst into cheers.

The couple met at East Catholic High School and continued to date at the University of Connecticut.

They’ve run the Manchester race – one of the oldest and largest “turkey trots” in the U.S. – together every year since 2009.