“Rules Don’t Apply”

A Look at the Movies

Rated PG-13
2 hours 10 minutes

Warren Beatty, Matthew Broderick, Lili Collins, Annette Benning

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – The tragic Howard Hughes saga remains fair game for any ambitious actor looking to give a larger than life, flamboyant performance.

The prospect of playing Howard Hughes as an eccentric mental case was enough to lure Warren Beatty out of retirement to write, direct and star in “Rules Don’t Apply”, and what a performance he gives.

Beatty weaves a fictional love story around his crumbling mental condition. He brings together his business protégé with one of the ambitious young women she’s grooming for stardom on the big school and in the bedroom.

Any billionaire going out of his mind deserved to be humored no matter how horrifying his behavior. Beatty brings out the sadness of Hughes rapid decline. Beatty shows a compassion for Hughes that the great man’s yes men.

Like Matthew Broderick couldn’t care less about. Broderick was only there to please the boss, no matter how ludicrous the assignment.

Cynical movies about corrupt characters in the movies of the 1950’s are enjoying a resurgence right now. “Rules Don’t Apply” has just enough toxic qualities to fit right in, plus a colorful Warren Beatty performance that’s worth at least an Oscar nomination.

All this adds up to a sparkling 3 stars. What I’m saying is Warren Beatty wouldn’t come out of retirement for just any role.