The Woman With the Gift to Gobble

Lincoln started breeding turkeys eight years ago, as a hobby

TUCSON (KVOA) – Hidden in the Sonoran Desert, you’ll find Marcia Lincoln’s turkey farm.

“They’re very interesting birds, they have a reputation of being stupid, but they’re not,”said Lincoln.

She said she started breeding turkeys eight years ago, as a hobby.

“It’s fun to hatch birds, you can get carried away hatching birds , maybe that’s why i have over 200 turkeys,” said Lincoln.

Hundreds of turkeys that come in a variety of colors.

“Bourbon red, royal palm, slate, self blue, red slate, I mean I could go on.”

Surprisingly these rather large birds, make great companions.

“They sit in your lap they want to be petted, turkeys make really nice pets, people don’t realize that.”

Marcia also realized turkeys are prey, who need your trust, especially during this time of year.

“If they’re not trusting of you they think they’re going to be eaten. I’m just thankful they’re all healthy birds, and that they’re doing well here for me.”

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