Possible pilgrim settlement unearthed in Massachusetts

This could change the way we look at the pilgrims' everyday life

MASSACHUSETTS (CNN) – Just in time for thanksgiving, an incredible find in Massachusetts. Archeologists discovering what’s believed to be part of the pilgrims’ original settlement. This could change the way we look at the pilgrims’ everyday life.

Reporter: “What would you want people to know about you in say 400 years?”

“Oh, I doubt the world would even exist at that point.”

Speaking in character pilgrims, like us modern day folk had no idea fascinating stuff could even be found in an archeological dig. We now know the original address of the 17 century village was downtown Plymouth’s burial hill.

Kathryn Ness said “We actually have physical evidence. We have the items that they brought over from Europe, that they used, that they touched. The calf they buried, the structures they built.”

Period muskets here standard, but researchers unearthed an actual musket ball…telling us more about the actual guns used. The remains of the calf will help identify the type of cattle to graze the area.

All of the newly found ceramics and other items are in a UMass lab, but ceramic artifacts are always used as the mold for the pottery made in the Plymouth plantation craft center. The tourist experience is getting more authentic.

Kathryn Ness said “there are thicker posts along walls fences and in some of the houses. Those are posts that they sank into the ground, but they do tell us a huge amount of information about the structures that they built.”