Stores increase security for black Friday

Some stores hire police officers for the holiday season

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – Black Friday presents a difficult task for loss prevention departments, and Mike Wilk of the Chicopee Police Department tells 22News, stores are increasing security for the holiday season.

“The loss prevention crew that does work Walmart is here, and they are throughout the year.” Wilk Said. “During the event of black Friday, they do hire us, there’s usually three to six officers on duty.” Wilk says the police presence helps prevent people from stealing. “…it really cuts down the problems. People come in, they see the officers, they tend to behave a little bit more.” he said. “Anybody coming in that wants to do something bad, they see the officers and usually just leave.”

Shoplifting arrests were made at the Holyoke Mall, Westfield Walmart, and Kohl’s Friday morning. Though it’s not just theft from stores that spike around the holiday season, but also theft from cars.

Car break-ins tend to increase around the holidays, and police say you shouldn’t leave gifts in your car. If you can’t take the items home, police recommend hiding them from view.