Getaways: The new hot gift

Looking for a gift for someone who has everything? Experts say giving an "experience" in the form of travel is a great way to go.

(NBC News) Travel is the hot new gift trend this year.

Companies like If-Only and Viator curate adventures and outings.

“You can gift not just certificate-specific adventures like hot air balloon ride, you don’t have to give entire vacation you can just give part of it,” notes travel expert George Horbica.

There are also new ways people are traveling, from intergenerational and volunteer trips to cultural immersions.

“That’s where people feel like they’re less tourists and more like real visitors that sample the local culture where they are going,” Horbica says.

AirBnB just launched “Trips”, experiences hosted by local experts that could include a culinary experience, a concert or even a surf lesson in addition to lodging.

Now is also a good time to save. Hotels, airlines and travel agencies like expedia will be offering deals starting with black friday and into the holidays.

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