No flags being flown at Hampshire College

No flags will fly on campus for an "indefinite period" to allow for campus discussions.

File photo of Hampshire College located in Amherst, Mass.

AMHERST, Mass. (WWLP)- You won’t see any flags flying at Hampshire College in Amherst. At least not for a while.

College President Jonathan Lash announced that no flag will be flown on campus, including the American Flag.This comes after someone burned the campus american flag after students lowered it to half staff. After the campus flag was lowered to half staff, someone believed to be upset over the presidential election results set it on fire the night before Veterans Day.

“It’s a constitutional right to have a freedom of speech and some people choose to express their first amendment rights through a burning of a flag, then that’s their decision,” said Morgan Phillips of Amherst.

Veterans were outraged, as were neighbors who see the flag as a symbol of the country’s freedom and history.

“It’s desecration, that’s against your people,” said Randall Lawrence of Hadley. “You burn a flag and you’re Americans and you do that, that’s not right.”

President Lash said no flags will fly on campus for an “indefinite period” to allow for campus discussions.

“When you’re doing those sorts of things, it’s good to think about what the history of the country is and what you like about it,” said Keith Walsh of Marlboro, Vermont. “And to consider both why you’re critical of the country and why you still live here.”

Hampshire College students and staff will be using this time to determine how to appropriately use flags in the future. 22News contacted Hampshire College for comment Tuesday. We have not yet heard back from the school.

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