Nancy Dell: Can estrogen in foods stop me from losing weight?

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I have read that excessive estrogen in foods prevents weight loss. Please explain.
Jackie, Internet

First excessive estrogen can make you resistant to your insulin and as a result your body stores more of your blood sugar as fat. In fact, your fat tissue can expand as much as 4 times to make room for the storage of extra blood sugar. How does your estrogen get excessive?

Generally, from eating too little fiber and too much conventionally raised animal products. These animal products contain steroids, antibiotics and toxins from the feed they get and the way they are raised. When you eat the animal food, these substances get released into your system and behave like estrogen.

Too little fiber is a problem because fiber helps us have regular bowel movements and we excrete the excess estrogen through our waste.  So, a diet is high in plant foods which are high in fiber and you avoid the harmful animal products that mimic estrogen. Aim for 40 grams of fiber per day.  That would be about 2 cups of vegetables per meal and 2 cups of fruit for snacks.

Also, try to buy antibiotic and hormone free meats and milk-based foods. You will find them in every grocery store and the prices can be reasonable.