Taking care of your Christmas tree

It is that time of year when families are finalizing their holiday plans

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – Paul Bunyun’s farm and nursery in Chicopee has the art of growing, and selling Christmas trees down to a science.

Paul Bunyan’s Nursery began tagging trees on September 10th and 63 people reserved a tree on that very first day. Christmas tree farmer Susan Lopes said the most popular tree is the Frazier fir, which 90 percent of their patrons purchase.

“The Fir trees will take us a lot longer to grow, at least 3-4 extra years, but it is well worth it because of that long needle retention, they are soft, the needles are not prickly to the touch and they have a beautiful dark green color to them,” explains Lopes.

Trees average around $50. Christmas trees can be a safety hazard. So make sure to keep it away from fireplaces, radiators, candles, heat vents and lights. Keeping the tree base filled with water will also help prevent it from catching on fire.

Lopes recommends watering your Christmas tree least twice a day with hot tap water. She said it will live longer, maybe even to February.