Springfield Police reveal new system “CrimeView Dashboard”

22News looks at how technology is evolving at the Springfield Police headquarters and on the streets.

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Springfield Police revealed a new tool that they will be using to help do their job.

The system is called CimeView Dashboard. It cost under $30,000 and over 50% of the Springfield Police Department has already been trained on it.

CrimeView Dashboard allows police officers to look at real time information of any crime that has occurred. The records that have been organized in the system go back three years for the Springfield Police Department. Information that is logged by officers is put into the computer system and mapped out with GPS.

Officers can access maps while out on the road, and see where prior incidents have occurred within days. For example, they can see how many reports of shots fired have occurred in a certain area within a certain period of time.

“What it gives them is a fresh view of crime and quality of life issues that have occurred within seven days right up to the moment when it’s refreshed over and over again that day, and it allows our officers to be where the crime is,” said Springfield Police Commissioner John Barbieri.

Police officers can click on points of interest on the virtual map and pull up crime logs from other officers.

It can also map out points where there has been reports made on domestic violence, violent crime, gang activity or quality of life issues.

A similar system will be available to the public in December called “CrimeReports,” but it will preserve the privacy of victims.