Dr. Phil – “‘My doctor has sent $1 million overseas to get two boxes containing $6.5 million in cash, jewelry and diamonds”

Mark is convinced his online love interest is real

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. (CBS) – Mark is a respected doctor and father who says he joined an online dating site after his divorce, where he met a woman named “Kelly Smith.”

Three days after talking online, Mark says “Kelly” told him that her father passed away and left her $3.5 million in cash and $3 million in diamonds and jewelry. She supposedly put her inheritance into two boxes and asked Mark to help her get the boxes from Nigeria to the U.S.

Mark says he sold some property, took money from his clinic and stopped paying his taxes so he could send hundreds of thousands of dollars overseas to cover customs fees to get the boxes to the U.S. He even recruited his client and friend Cyndy to help him wire money after he was banned by money transfer services.

Cyndy and other friends claim Mark has sent more money than he has admitted and are convinced that Mark is being scammed, and want him to stop sending money. But Mark says he is convinced that “Kelly” is real.

How much money has Mark really wired overseas for these boxes?

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