Police officer fatally shot while writing ticket

Marconi was pronounced dead at a hospital

SAN ANTONIO (AP) — The San Antonio Police Department has posted a photo of a man on its Facebook page, saying “he might have information on the murder” of Det. Benjamin Marconi.

Police are asking for assistance in identifying the man shown wearing a hat and walking in the photo. Marconi was fatally shot late Sunday morning while writing a ticket in his squad car.

Chief William McManus says an unknown suspect shot 50-year-old Marconi twice in the head. Marconi was a 20-year veteran of the force.

McManus says the suspect is considered to be “extremely dangerous and a clear threat” to both officers and the public. He says officers have been advised to not make traffic stops alone.

According to McManus, the officer had pulled over a vehicle and while he was inside his squad car writing a ticket, a vehicle pulled up behind him. He says the driver of that vehicle then walked up to the officer’s driver-side window and opened fire.

He says he does not believe the original motorist pulled over had any relationship to the shooter.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is calling the fatal shooting of a San Antonio police officer a “horrific act of violence.”

In a statement Sunday, Abbott asked Texans to pray for the officer’s loved ones. He says “attacks against law enforcement officers will not be tolerated in Texas and must be met with swift justice.”

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