Woman calls 911 on enraged DUI driver

Jowen Moses was taken into custody after a brief struggle with officers

(CNN) – Police say a terrified 911 caller describes in real-time a man following her car and smashing into her in a drunk-driving road rage incident in Arizona.

Fatima Tsouli, Victim said “A guy’s hitting into the back of me trying to kill me on the road. He’s flipping me off. He’s still swerving.”

When Fatima Tsouli called 911 it was clear she’d been in more than a fender bender and it was far from over.

Fatima, “Oh my God he’s in the middle of the street! He’s right behind me, hitting me.”

(911) “Did he hit your car?”

Fatima, “Yes twice. Oh my God!!!”

She was stalked through traffic. Jowen Moses, car full of beer cans, never letting up.

(911) “Can you pull over somewhere ma’am, that you’d be safe with a lot of people?”

Fatima, “I tried, he side swiped me. Oh God! Ahhh!”

(911) “Ma’am!”

Fatima, “Hold on.”

(911) “Turn your flashers on now ma’am. Turn your flashers on now!”

Three jurisdictions later, the police finally chase them both down. She’s safe.

Fatima, “I hear the cops, I hear the cops.”

Jowen Moses was taken into custody after a brief struggle with officers. Scottsdale city police say Moses was in a state of severe intoxication when he was taken into custody and he was transferred to Maricopa County Jail.

According to a police incident report, he was found in his cell after an apparent attempt at suicide by hanging and taken to medical facilities. He is now in stable condition.