TSA specifies what Thanksgiving foods you can and can’t carry on

Richmond, Va. (WRIC) — If you’re flying with Thanksgiving dinner or leftovers in tow, you’ll need to keep in mind what food you can have in your carry-on and what you need to put in your checked bags.

Thanksgiving items you can bring in your carry-on bags include salad, butternut squash, green beans, stuffing, turkey and cakes. You can carry on pies, but the TSA says they may be subject to further screening, depending on what kind of pie it is. You may also carry on uncooked mashed potatoes.

Foods for Thanksgiving you will need to pack in your checked bags include most liquids, like soup, salad dressing, gravy and cranberry sauce. Sweet potatoes and mashed potatoes should also be checked.

The TSA also specifies that carving knives need to be checked because people do actually pack those in their carry-ons.

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