Teen shoots at neighbor’s home and posts it on Facebook

Watts said the teen lives with his grandma and apparently was home alone

(CNN) – A teenager was arrested in Akron after police say he fired shots into his neighbor’s home. He was easy to find because, well, he streamed it live on Facebook.

We are not naming or showing the face of the 15-year-old boy. During the disturbing Facebook live videos, he waved around a rifle and a 9mm handgun, points both toward an open window and fires. First the rifle. And then the handgun. Pulling that trigger knocked him off his feet. The teen seemed to find the indiscriminate gunfire amusing and covers the window with a curtain, but it was no laughing matter to Watts.

Tonya Watts, whose home was hit by bullets said “I heard the shot and I hopped up.” Who was stunned by the sound of bullets striking her home. “If you’re just sitting in your house and you’re watching television, you hear something like that, that would freak you out. It would scare you because I’m not used to hearing that.”

Watts said the teen lives with his grandma and apparently was home alone. The fact that the teen recorded the shooting on Facebook live is outrageous and callous to watts.

Watts said “it’s awful. That’s being an idiot.”

The boy was arrested on weapons charges. Police are still trying to figure out where he got those guns.

Captain Dan Zampelli, of the Akron Police said “the serial number will be recorded. They’ll check for stolen and if indeed it is stolen, he’ll also be charged with receiving stolen property.”

Watts said “it’s scary, you can’t be in your own home and relax.”