Police search for man accused of killing 4 puppies

Officers also seized 6 other puppies

BALTIMORE (CNN) – Baltimore city police say that four Pitbull puppies had a brutal end to their lives and the hands and feet of Donald Yearwood.

“Donald Yearwood, if you’re watching right now turn yourself in”

The 21 year old faces 17 counts of animal abuse and cruelty. Police say on November 9th in a house on the 37-hundred block of 10th street, Yearwood was trying to sleep.

The puppies were making noise. Witnesses in the house, which included several children under 10, saw Yearwood repeatedly stomp and kick the 3 week old dogs.

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“He then picked up the puppies and threw them down a flight of stairs and those children, they did what we want them to do, they immediately left the location, they went to a safe area, they told their parents what happened and their parents called the police,” said a police officer.

By that time, police say Yearwood put the puppies in a box, and threw it in a dumpster. Two hours later, Police say a different set of children heard a noise coming from the dumpster and found 3 of the puppies dead. That puppy making noise later died at an animal hospital on October 22nd.

Police were called to the same home on 10th street to take away an adult Pitbull after it bit a child. Officers also seized 6 puppies but police say they didn’t know those 4 puppies were still there.

Police later learned Yearwood wanted to keep them.

The Baltimore animal rescue and care shelter or BARCs says this case serves as a reminder. They are a safe haven for animals.

“There is absolutely never a reason to abuse or harm an animal you can no longer keep, they can be brought to BARCS, no questions asked,” said a BARC member.