Facebook live video shows heroin overdose

The two men who apparently overdosed were treated at a local hospital and may face charges

(CNN) – It’s a frightening video that’s gone viral on Facebook live. Two men apparently overdosing on drugs at a fast food parking lot.

Eddie came to this McDonald’s last night in hopes of just getting dinner for his son, but what he got was much different.

Eddie Wimbley, Recorded Video said, “When I pulled up I actually tried to wake the guy up on the ground first and when I was trying to wake him up he like, he wasn’t moving wasn’t responsive or anything. I touched his face, his face was like cold and his hands were like turning pale.”

Eddie saw two men passed out and thought they were joking at first. He said he started recording because he didn’t know what would happen. What he didn’t know was that the two men had overdosed on drugs.

Eddie Wimbley, “It’s just hard seeing that. I’ve never seen anybody passed out or on drugs.”

Eddie and two other bystanders took action, one calling police, another, a nurse, administering medical aid. Since the incident last night, several have reached out to him, including one of the men’s family to say thank you. While this isn’t Eddie’s first time helping someone, his mother remains just as proud.

Sheryl Seavers, Eddie’s Mom said, “He showed me and it was just devastating and I just told him, he’s just an angel how he saved two lives.”

Eddie gives credit to the other woman who jumped into action and says he hopes this video will help the community work towards a solution.

As for the two men who apparently overdosed, police say they were treated at a local hospital and may face charges.