Black Friday tools that can help you save more

(WSPA) – Black Friday is just a week away and the flyers are already online, which means you have everything you need to comparison shop.

However, with literally thousands of sales, that process can be overwhelming, so we’ve done some homework for you and talked to experts on how you can snag the best price.

This year, Brian MacDonald plans to shop this Black Friday for the first time ever. “There seems to be deeper discounts this year than there have in year’s past. So the pain threshold almost seems like it’s worth it,” he said with a smile.

Analysts with WalletHub agree, and say if it’s not at least 40% off, don’t buy it. The company scoured 8,000 deals from 35 top retailers, and found Macy’s has the highest average discount of 63%. WalletHub did a lot of the homework for you, matching the best store for each product category, according to the discounts offered.

“Go through your list and make sure to match exactly which retailers are the best discounts for that specific product or category. Apparel for instance, you might be getting 70% off at one store, while the other is offering 40% off,” said Jill Gonzalez, a Wallet Hub analyst.

“Wherever you shop, come armed with a cell phone, and here are 2 great resources. The Black Friday Database allows you to quickly search your item to see if it’s cheaper elsewhere. And the Amazon app lets you do that using a bar-code scanner.

Keep in mind, you’ll see the most deals on toys, but they won’t be rock bottom. Jewelry will be the most steep, but those deals much more rare.