Trump announces first picks for A.G. and CIA Director

(NBC News) – President-elect Donald Trump revealed Friday hree important picks for his White House team. Two are already members of his inner circle.

He’s chosen former Lieutenant General Michael Flynn as his National Security Adviser and Senator Jeff Sessions as his Attorney General, along with Kansas Representative Mike Pompeo as Central Intelligence director.

When Trump was fighting for the White House Senator Sessions and General Flynn remained at his side. Now they face their own fight to stay there.

The former general is tagged by critics as an anti-Muslim hard-liner.

Sessions’ racially charged remarks decades ago cost him a federal judgeship, and now the Congressional Black Caucus opposes his nomination.

Senator Ted Cruz and South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley are among the Republicans getting in line behind Trump, former foes now being mentioned as possible cabinet picks.

Mitt Romney is headed to Trump’s golf course in New Jersey this weekend to meet with next president to talk about the future as well. Both Romney and Haley have been mentioned as possible contenders for Secretary of State.

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