Don’t let politics spoil Thanksgiving

Experts say Thanksgiving etiquette should include limits on political discussions.

(NECN) Following a bitterly divisive and lengthy presidential campaign that left many Americans still feeling raw, there are new worries that lingering political disagreements may cause strife at families’ Thanksgiving dinner tables.

Mediator Julian Portilla, who teaches courses on conflict resolution at Champlain College, advises families to consider a moratorium on political conversation at the dinner table.

“There are better or worse times to say certain things,” Portilla notes, adding that folks may want to speak up to pause a political conversation before it gets too heated and save it for a better time, like an after-dinner walk. “Keep the topic, at least during the eating time, when everyone’s gathered around the table, to topics that are probably things in common: kids, work, sports.”

Portilla says it is wise to avoid potentially charged conversations at the holiday table because guests cannot comfortably get up from the table and go somewhere else, as they may be able to if the conversation were to take place in a different setting.

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