Where is the most pro-Trump county in the US? Texas!

As a matter of fact, this could be considered the most pro-Trump county in America

(CNN) – Donald Trump’s election victory surprised many but not residents Roberts County, Texas. Here in the Texas panhandle, in Roberts County, Donald Trump is very popular.

Bailey Anderson, Roberts County, TX Resident said, “He stands for the working Americans and that’s middle class and that’s a lot of us.”

Very, very popular.

Lacey Seymour, Roberts County Resident mentioned, “He’s just true. I think he’s a true honest man.”

As a matter of fact, this could be considered the most pro-Trump county in America. 95.3 percent of the voters here in Roberts County cast their ballots for Donald Trump; his highest percentage of any county in the nation.

Only 20 people in this tiny county voted for Hillary Clinton. This is the county seat, it’s pronounced “Miama” and in the rafter b café. We meet customer and Trump voter Jenna Anderson and ask about Trump demonstrations around the country.

Jenna Anderson, of Roberts County said, “I respect their right to protest if they keep it a peaceful way.”

Others aren’t so diplomatic.

Lacey Seymour, “It really just breaks your heart to think there’s people out there that this is what they got to do to get attention.”

John Faith, of Roberts County, “I think it’s ridiculous. It’s little kids throwing a temper tantrum because they didn’t get their way.”

The loyalty to Trump is deep here in Miama. Many willing to cut Trump a break if campaign promises fall to the side, such as a border wall.

Jim Holloway is the local high school athletic director. “And I think he probably thinks he can get Mexico to pay for it or help pay for it, but I don’t see how you’re going to get another sovereign nation to pay for the wall you want to build.”

Doesn’t that bother you about the candidate you chose that he kept saying that over and over again when you never thought it could happen in the first place?

Jim, “No, because to him, I think he thought and I still think he’s still saying he’s going to do it.”

When Trump says ‘I’m going to bomb the hell out of ISIS’ do you expect him to keep that promise?

John Faith, “I expect him to tighten the situation up. I think he was probably just talking out of his ass so to speak. It doesn’t matter to me. Just keep them off our soil.”

Not all here are ready to forgive broken promises. The publisher and editor of the Miama Chief says Trump needs to keep his pledge to investigate Hillary Clinton.

So you’d feel differently about Trump if he didn’t pursue that?

Tony Coombs, “I’d be very disappointed, yes.”

He has promised during the campaign to repeal Obamacare. Is that important to you?

Bailey Anderson, “Yes, that is extremely important.”

So I don’t know if you know, but the other day, he said maybe he’d be open to keeping parts of it – would that bother you if he goes back on that pledge?

Bailey Anderson, “if he went back on his promises, yes. That would be very disturbing for a lot of people.”

Before the day is over in the reddest of counties, we talked to this registered republican.

Tell me who you voted for on Election Day?

Shirley Williamson, “…Hillary.”


Shirley Williamson, “Yes, first time I’ve voted for a democrat in a jillion years!”

Shirley Williamson is one of the 20. Says she liked that Clinton has political experience.

How hard is it to vote for Hillary Clinton in Roberts County, Texas?

Shirley Williamson, “It’s hard.”

Has anyone given you a hard time about it?

Shirley Williamson, “Nobody knows, now, they will.”

Trump won almost 53-percent of the vote in all of Texas. That’s almost ten points more than Clinton.