The positive releationship between hearts and asprin

Doctors say it will help ward off cardiovascular disease.

(CNN) – Guidelines recently released by the U.S. Preventative Services Task Force are advising adults between the ages of 50 and 69 to take a low dose aspirin daily. They say it will help ward off cardiovascular disease.

For Cathy Steinberg, a family history of cardiovascular disease gave her cause to worry about her own heart health. “My mother’s side of the family everybody except one person has had heart disease.”

So she consulted a preventive cardiologist early on who recommended adopting certain habits to maintain heart health. Dr. Gina Lundberg, a preventive Cardiologist at Emory University said “eat healthy, stay active, exercise, drink water, get a good night’s sleep, reduce your stress”

Her doctor told her to add one more weapon to her arsenal, a low dose aspirin.

Lundberg said “it reduces your risk of stroke and heart attack if you have narrowed arteries and help the blood flow get through better.”

People younger than 50 or older than 70 are not good candidates for a daily aspirin.

Lundberg also said, “They should have a conversation with their doctor about aspirin.”

The most common side effects from this daily dose are excess bleeding and acid reflux

As for cathy Steinberg, who continues to be heart healthy-she gets some peace of mind by following at least a few of her doctors recommendations. “I don’t’ exercise enough and I don’t watch my weight enough but at least I am taking the aspirin and the other things she recommends am pretty faithful.”