Tapestry Health teach local residents on how to use Narcan

The opiate epidemic continues to worsen in Western Massachusetts

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – It’s a situation more and more people are suffering from and witnessing; opiate Overdoses. Thursday night, Tapestry Health was in Springfield, teaching residents how to use the opiate reversal drug, Narcan.

“I had to make sure I came in today, that way God forbid something like that happens again, I can save someone’s life,” said Bridgette Allende of Indian Orchard.

Shamal Redd of Springfield said, “I have family members, I have cousins, I have friends, I’ve had to go to funerals too. I had to mourn them because of this epidemic.”

Christ Church Cathedral Minister Cedric Dennis told 22News, “We’re doing things and being proactive in the community, and making sure not only do they have the information, they have the means to be able to save lives.”

Tapestry Health handed out a dozen free Narcan kits, and showed residents who have been impacted by addiction, how to use them.

Allende said, “You have to make sure you’re educated in what you’re doing especially if you want to help someone, save someone else’s life.”

If you missed this meeting Thursday night, Click Here for some information with all the resources.

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