Residents discuss possibility of Northampton becoming a “Hate Free Zone”

The resolution would have to go to state and federal legislators

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) –  Northampton residents gathered Thursday night to discuss making the city a “Hate-Free Zone.”

The resolution calls for members of the Northampton community to “take the necessary and courageous steps to prevent and respond to discrimination and hatred whenever and wherever they see it.”

Some Northampton residents think this resolution is exactly what the city needs. Ashleigh Jensen told 22News, “I think this gets the message out; if you see something hateful, you really need to stand up and say something about it because it won’t be tolerated in Northampton.”

The resolution will also ask local politicians to commit to sending the document to the state and federal legislators to show that “local communities are committed to pushing back against the current climate of hatred.”

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