Man who killed NFL player’s dad was in military

Buie just filed for bankruptcy was having serious health issues

(CNN) – We’re learning more about the man who opened fire at a parking garage at Will Rogers World Airport on Tuesday, killing one man. Apparently, Lloyd Buie served in the military prior to working for southwest airlines.

And law enforcement sources say the marksman used a military style rifle when he shot Michael Winchester from 50 yards away. Lloyd Buie was a southwest employee from 1999 to 2015 when officials say Buie quit after refusing an alcohol test.

Southwest told us, “while working in Oklahoma City, as a ramp agent, he was exhibiting signs and symptoms of being under the influence of alcohol while at work one day in April 2015. Southwest immediately requested that he be tested; he declined and resigned.”

Before he worked for the airline, we found he served in the army for years, living all around the country. On Tuesday, he used a military style rifle to fire the 50 yard shot that hit Michael Winchester in the chest.

Capt. Paco Balderrama, Oklahoma City Police said, “It would definitely require familiarity with a rifle you don’t have to be an expert marksman to hit a fifty yard shot but it’s not an easy shot either.

Buie’s pickup truck was found in the parking garage hours after the shooting. The medical examiner confirming he died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.

Sources close to the investigation tell us based on airport parking records, Buie could have been camped out there for days.

Court records show Buie just filed for bankruptcy in September and multiple sources tell us he was having serious health issues.

Balderrama, “The suspect armed himself and went to the airport with the intention of shooting someone. We do not know if Mr. Winchester was the intended victim.

We’re told Buie was angry with a number of supervisors at southwest because of circumstances leading up to his resignation.

Police did an extensive search at Buie’s home last night in southwest Oklahoma City, but we don’t know exactly what they found at this point. A preliminary autopsy report shows Winchester died from a gunshot wound to chest.