Caught on Camera: Cop punched woman in face

Jimmy Sedillo claims the officer threatened Taze Morris

ARIZONA (CNN) – A video shows a police officer punching a woman in the face during an arrest. Officer Jeff Bonar is now on administrative leave as the Flagstaff Police Department investigates.

Well this all started in Flagstaff where earlier today when the couple was being evicted from their apartment.

Jimmy Sedillo and his girls Marissa Morris were moving out of that apartment and across the street when at some point one of the officers tried to arrest Marissa on an alleged warrant. Now Sedillo tells us that Morris said there was some sort of mistake and refused to go with the officer until he showed her what that warrant was for and that is when things turned violent.

Sedillo said “She weighs maybe 110 pounds, maybe the officer was maybe 220. He went (about) the whole thing all wrong.”

Sedillo claims the officer threatened Taze Morris. Sedillo says Morris was eventually arrested for assaulting an officer and resisting arrest.

Now we did send this video to flagstaff police and just within the last hour we did receive a statement saying that ‘our agency is very concerned about what is depicted in this video and that they are immediately launching an internal investigation into what happened.