Trump transition criticized, despite contrary reports

(NBC News) President-elect Trump is countering critics on Twitter, insisting that his transition process is organized.

Trump has said tax cuts will be a priority, and repeated that pledge to diners at a pricy New York restaurant Tuesday after leaving behind the press pool for a surprise dinner with his family.

“We want to be in the position where in that first 100 days we can execute the economic plan,” Trump campaign chair Steven Mnuchin told reporters gathered at Trump Tower Wednesday.

Trump son-in law Jared Kushner is gaining power as the transition moves forward, as is hard-right idealogue Steve Bannon.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and his supporters, meanwhile, have been shown the door.

“There’s a coup of sorts,” says Washington Post reporter Robert Costa. “Christie had the transition. A lot of the Christie people are being purged.”

“A very organized process,” Trump tweeted. “I am the only one who knows who the finalists are.”

Copyright NBC News 2016

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