Signs offering cash for diabetic test strips continue to pop up in western Mass.

Companies who resell test strips are required to register with the FDA

WEST SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – It is a story that the 22News I-Team first told you about in July, signs in western Massachusetts soliciting cash for diabetic test strips.

It is a controversial business. While there is no law against the resale of diabetic tests strips, it is considered insurance fraud if the strips were paid for with Medicare or Medicaid.

The I-Team took another look at this “gray market” after we received an e-mail from a viewer, concerned that the signs advertising the purchase of diabetic strips are still there, and wondering who is behind them.

The signs have popped up on main roads across western Massachusetts, including on Memorial Avenue in West Springfield. Back in July, we called the number listed on one of those signs, and discovered that the person on the other line is a courier; making it virtually impossible to track down the buyer of the test strips.

“If they’re going to sell them, it should be to a legit company. Something on the books, I guess,” Angella Vazquez of Agawam said.

Companies who resell test strips are required to register with the FDA, but many of them fail to do so: a problem that could pose a danger to the person buying the strips.

“If it’s not in a certain temperature-controlled environment, it can give inaccurate results. Potentially, there is an infection risk. These can be recalled, they can be expired,” explained Baystate Endocrinologist Dr. Chelsea Gordner.