“Retaliation” suspected in airport shooting

(NBC News) Investigators say Tuesday’s shooting at Oklahoma City’s Will Rogers World Airport was carried out by a disgruntled former employee.

Chaos and confusion followed after a Southwest Airlines employee, 52-year-old Michael Winchester, was shot and killed walking to an employee parking lot.

The gunman, a former employee of Southwest, is identified as Lloyd Dean Buie.

Police say they believe he fired a rifle from a parking garage 50 yards away from where Winchester was walking, then killed himself inside his vehicle.

Investigators say it is possible the shooting was in retaliation for what may have led up to Buie’s resignation in 2015.

“The suspect knew where the employees parked and where they would be walking to and from their vehicles to the main terminal. That is another reason why we believe this was a premeditated,” said Oklahoma City Police Captain Paco Balderrama.

The victim is a former college football player and the father of Kansas City Chiefs player James Winchester.

The relationship between Michael Winchester and the gunman is still unclear.

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