Changes made to Chicopee towing contracts

This is the first update in eight years

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – For the first time in eight years, the City of Chicopee has updated their towing contracts.

The city hopes the changes will help provide more protection to people who have their cars towed, according to a press release from Mayor Richard Kos’ office.

“We had been operating under an expired agreement that left many questions unanswered,” Kos said. “Now we can offer protections for those who may be towed, with specific guidelines as to what kinds of expenses they will face.”

Interstate, Chuck’s, and Geno’s towing have been awarded the contracts with the city. Under the agreement, the companies can’t charge more than the maximum rate for towing and storage established by the Department of Public Utilities. That means people can’t be charged more than $90 for getting towed, or more than $35 a day for storage.

The new contract requires the companies to provide monthly statistic reports on towing. The companies will also tow all police vehicles in need of service at no cost to the city.

“I am pleased to have these contracts in place,” said Police Chief William Jebb. “It removes many grey areas that could occur while also providing a benefit to the city.”

The three companies have signed agreements running through June of 2019.