Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade float preview

(CNN) – New floats this year are the Aloha Spirit featuring a working waterfall, the Girl’s Scouts’ building a better world, Deck the Halls and Krazy Glue’s fun house. They’re elaborate and no doubt expensive.

“We always talk about the parade about being our gift to New York and our gift to the country and when you get a gift, you never ask the price,” said Executive Producer Amy Kule.

Now that they’ve been created, getting 26 floats into New York the day before the parade is no easy feat.

“All of these 3-story, 24-foot wide, 30 to 40 feet long floats have to come apart and collapse and dismantled down to no more than 8 1/2 feet wide, no more than 12 1/2 feet tall and they’ve got to go through the Lincoln tunnel,” said Creative Director John Piper.

At a time when there are political protests dominating the streets right now, organizers say what we need at least for a moment is to see these colors, these lights on the floats and of course these very happy characters, to give a different perspective.

“We are going to move forward with the greatest country, greatest democracy, on the planet,” said Piper.

In 90 years the parade was only cancelled for three years, during World War 2. It marched on after 9/11 and marched on six days after the JFK assassination.

“The Kennedy family reached out to Macy’s and said please make sure that the parade goes on because the country needs it, it reminds everybody just how great things can be.” said Piper.”