Dr. Phil – “My parents did the unthinkable, how can I forgive them?”

Amanda's mother spent 15 years in prison for her crimes

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. (CBS) – Amanda says she was forced to have sex with both of her parents, Justine and Jim, from age 11 until she was 13.

Amanda says her parents would give her alcohol to make her “comfortable,” take provocative pictures of her and videotaped their sexual encounters with the plan to sell them on the Internet.

Justine spent 15 years in prison for her crimes. She admits she not only had sex with her daughter, but she coached her during sex acts because she says her ex-husband forced her to partake in the sexual abuse and exploitation of their daughter.

Jim says Justine is a liar who is just trying to play the victim and says she was there and willing every step of the way.

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